Common Anti-Union Arguments

Management and anti-union employees often use the same arguments for why the company shouldn’t have a union. We created the tool below to provide more information for each argument.

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Even if things are OK, having a union provides a framework to improve small things. It can turn “OK” into “awesome”. If things are already awesome, then having a union is the best way to protect that.

If your management or company changes, the union stays and can ensure the awesome things about your job don’t change. A union will not make things worse - and even if it did, you can vote to end your union at any time.

If management becomes hostile when you try to unionize, it is not your fault! Creating a union doesn’t put you on a different team than your management. It just gives you a voice on the same team. You will still be working with management to make your company successful.

The union doesn’t stop you from talking directly with or being friends with your manager. Unit always puts workers first, but we recognize how important it is to have a unified team after the negotiations are over.

There is no simple answer, because it depends on how you measure performance.

Unions typically reduce turnover and increase the efficiency of existing employees, which is great for a company’s long-term profits and the quality of its work!

However, some people tie a company’s performance to how much its CEO or stockholders make or short-term profits. Giving you a raise might mean they make a little bit less today, but in the long run, your company will have stronger, more focused employees that stick around. Because of this, a union is an investment in your company’s long-term success.

If you are concerned about your company’s performance, you can discuss this in negotiations with management to find a win-win. Unit wants both you and your company to be successful.

The vast majority of workplaces that unionize do not shut down, and when they do, unionization is never the main reason. Why would management or investors shut down a company that makes money?

However, in most antiunion campaigns management will say, "We may have to shut down if you unionize." They are legally allowed to say they "may" do anything, but this is an attempt to intimidate you into not unionizing.

If you are worried about your company shutting down, ask your company management to be transparent about profits, spending, and investment during your union negotiation meetings.

Different unions handle this differently. As a member of a union, you will vote with your coworkers on how to approach contract negotiations and vote on the final contract.

One union contract may say that employees will negotiate pay separately, but negotiate harassment and diversity policies together. Another contract may say to negotiate everything together. With Unit, it is up to you to decide how you want to negotiate.

Running a union by yourself is a lot of work, so we created Unit to make it easier. Unit helps you vote and stay up-to-date with your union on your phone or computer with very little work. We automate the parts of running a union that take up your time, so you can focus on doing what you love.

Congratulations! A union will not jeopardize your raise. In union negotiations, you can decide with your coworkers if you would like to change how raises or promotions work. You will all vote to make sure you are happy with the outcome. If management takes away your raise or promotion because you are involved in union activity, this is illegal and you should contact us immediately.

Management often promises to get better once a union campaign has started. The problem is, without a union, the same problems usually return within a year or two. The most transparent place for management to change is at the negotiating table, after forming a union. This way instead of promises, management can sign a contract to show how much they care.

When a company is unionizing, sometimes the board, investors, or CEO will replace bad management. However, there is no way to know if the replacement will be any better for at least a year. The only way to ensure that the new management makes your job awesome is to form a union so that you have a safe space to negotiate with them.

With Unit, all union information is kept transparent to members in the Unit software. You can see all your Unit activity except for other workers’ private information, such as complaints. You can track exactly how your dues are spent, online, anytime. Our advisors also privately monitor Unit activity for anything suspicious.

Some unions are corrupt. Many more management teams are corrupt. With Unit, we have re-designed union administration from the ground up to prevent corruption.

With Unit, you don’t pay dues until you have a contract. If you and your coworkers don’t like the contract, you can cancel and never pay a single month of dues. If you do like the contract, you and your coworkers choose how much dues you want to raise and how to use them. Unit dues are much less than national union dues.

In an independent union, you vote for where all of your dues go. You don’t have to raise any dues for political work, and Unit does not earmark any of your software payments to political campaigns either. If you support a pro-union politician, we recommend you give them an individual donation to show your support.

When workers unionize, they aren’t “bringing in a union”. You are creating a new group of workers that consists of you and your coworkers. All the decision-making is yours, we just give you the tools and advice to make it easy. If you aren't happy with Unit, you can even stop using us with a simple vote!

Most unions never go on strike. If you and your coworkers want to go on a strike, it will require a majority vote and a lot of planning. It is a very careful decision made as a last resort, because it is a difficult process for both the company and employees.

Unit will never tell your employer about your support for unionization. Even if they find out you support the union, it is illegal for your employer to treat you differently for supporting unionization.

You are probably not allowed to use company time to organize, but during your breaks and free time you may support unionization. If your employer treats you differently for supporting unionization or rewards employees that do not support unionization, this is illegal and you should contact us immediately.