Frequently Asked Questions

To be safe, we recommend not using Unit on your work computer, work phone, work wifi, work email, or during your work hours.

It is illegal for your employer to discriminate against you for using Unit or spy on your Unit use during any time that you are normally allowed to take a break. For example, if you normally get lunch off, you are allowed to use Unit during this time.

Sometimes employers disregard the law, so to keep your information private, we recommend only using personal devices and non-work internet to access Unit. For example, you could go to the coffee shop over lunch or use your phone’s cellular internet instead of wifi.

If you believe your employer is monitoring your use of Unit illegally, please let us know.

The National Labor Relations Act protects most workersinfo icon in the US from being fired or threatened for exercising certain rights.

You have the right to join together with other employees and to advance your workplace interests as a team. It is illegal to fire or threaten you for this.

You have some rights to privacy in teaming up. It is illegal for your employer to spy on your Unit, whether on this site or in real life.

Coworkers have the right to ignore you and refrain from teaming up, but it is illegal for your employer to give (or promise) them favors to discourage them from joining you.

If you believe any of your rights have been violated while using Unit, please let us know.


None of your coworkers or your manager will ever see your name or e-mail address unless you want them to. Aggregated survey results will be shared with other coworkers that take the survey, and you will get to see their results, too. Individual answers to survey questions are always kept anonymous.

Once your Unit has enough members, you will have the option of revealing your identity on the platform. We will never force you to do this.

See our Privacy Policy for details.

There is no cost to get started with Unit, or to use it for organizing your coworkers and workplace issues.

Your company is not paying us. Unit does not take payments from employers. Although we want both you and your company to be successful, we are always on your side.

If you vote to create a Unit Union, we charge a fee for helping you run your Union. You can cancel at any time.

A newly-created Unit is not affiliated with any labor union. You aren’t committing to anything by joining a Unit. Your Unit may later elect to become a Unit Union (an independent labor union).

You have some protected rights to team up with your coworkers without being in a Unit Union. Being in a Unit Union grants you powerful additional rights.

Not necessarily. Some people with these titles aren’t legally considered managers or supervisors under the National Labor Relations Act.

When you join or create a Unit, the app will help you decide if you are legally considered a manager and if you should use Unit or not.

Neither employees or managers are ever allowed to use Unit to spy on employees. Do not share information within Unit with company management.

Unit plans to build a full resource center for employees with questions about their workplace rights and laws.

Until we finish, we recommend the Department of Labor's Worker Information Page.