Frequently Asked Questions

Unit is a platform that helps workers form labor unions. The company’s mission is to support worker organizers in the United States, by making it easier and faster for workers to form independent labor unions and take their seats at the tables. Unit’s professional staff offer workers guidance on how to organize and a library of resources to break down jargon. Unit’s tools track workplace support for unionizing campaigns and help organizers win union recognition and a fair contract.

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Unit isn’t a union. Unit is a collection of tools, advisors, and educational materials that worker organizers can use to form independent unions.

We have legal counsel and organizers to coach you on strategy and advise you on campaign tactics, but ultimately every union is run directly by the workers it represents.

Our current organizing model supports private-sector workers forming independent unions in organizations with no more than 200 employees. Of course, anyone can use Unit and we’re happy to connect you to the right resources, but in order to form an independent union through us, your job must be protected under the National Labor Relations Act.

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To be safe, do not unionize on work time. Do not use Unit or discuss organizing using any workplace communications (such as a work computer, work phone, work wifi, work email, or during your work hours).

It is illegal for your employer to discriminate against you for using Unit or spy on your union during any time that you are normally allowed to take a break. For example, if you normally get lunch off, you are allowed to use Unit during this time.

Sometimes employers disregard the law, so to keep your information private, we recommend only using personal devices and non-work internet to access Unit. For example, you could go to the coffee shop over lunch or use your phone’s cellular internet instead of wifi.

If you believe your employer is monitoring your use of Unit illegally, please let us know.

Unit will never share information with your employer.

Unit will never sell your data to advertisers or anyone else.

Unit will only use your data to help you organize your union.

See our Privacy Policy for details.

Most unions collect member dues only after a first contract is in place. Unit works the same way. There is no cost to getting started with Unit, or to use it for organizing your coworkers and workplace issues.

Your company is not paying us. Unit does not take payments from employers.

After you win recognition and negotiate your first contract, you’ll decide whether or not to continue working with Unit. We will collect a servicing fee at this point in time of 0.8 percent of monthly wages per union employee. We charge this servicing fee to sustain our organization with the resources necessary to support your union through future negotiations, grievances, and any other administrative or strategic assistance.

As an independent union, you get to decide to collect additional dues beyond this servicing fee.

Learn more about dues here.

Unit got started through investor funding and intends to remain financially sustainable through the servicing fee mentioned above.

Read a financing message from our founder for more information.

Check out our Unionizing Guide for more information on your right to unionize and advice for organizing your workplace.

We also recommend the Department of Labor's Worker Information Page for information about your legal rights.

For all questions, email or use our live chat.