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We are on a mission to improve the American workplace by empowering workers everywhere to organize, form labor unions, and negotiate in good faith with their employers.

Jamie Earl White

Jamie Earl White is the founder of Unit of Work. After moving from Texas to Boston to attend MIT, he became passionate about reducing the growing quality of living gap in the United States. While volunteering with union organizing efforts, Jamie realized there were a lack of online resources for workers looking to unionize their workplace, and decided to create a platform to guide and empower workers through the process. In his free time, Jamie enjoys music, dance, and the great outdoors.

Megan McRobert

Megan McRobert is a writer and labor advisor at Unit of Work. She has been active in the labor movement for over 15 years, starting with a student campaign in solidarity with campus workers during union contract negotiations with Smith College. Most recently, she led organizing efforts at Writers Guild of America, East to organize hundreds of workers in the digital media industry. She is passionate about facilitating collective processes and utilizing new tools and strategies to build sustainable and effective social justice movements. When she’s not immersed in labor and community organizing, she’s probably eating sour candy, reading a mystery novel, and plotting the next adventure outside of NYC.

Emmet Teran

Emmet Teran is Unit’s Digital Communications Director. A born and raised New Yorker, he left the city to get his B.A. in English and Anthropology at Wesleyan University. He soon-after began as a press secretary in the Connecticut legislature where he worked closely with the State House’s labor chair and developed a passion for public policy as a means of bettering the lives of working-class Americans. After returning to NYC, he started writing for Unit’s Organizing Guide before taking on his current role. He's also a current Urban Policy graduate student at Hunter College studying the effects of austerity in his home city. When he’s not at work or in class, Emmet’s a big fan of community gardens, 90s hip hop, and runs through Prospect Park.

Bethany Berkowitz

Bethany Berkowitz is the Director of Software Product at Unit of Work. After studying mathematics at Wesleyan University, she spent nine years using software and data analysis to improve health care delivery. When a startup she was working for got acquired by big tech, Bethany got involved with workplace organizing and became passionate about worker empowerment. When she’s not working, Bethany goes rock climbing, hikes the White Mountains of New Hampshire, participates in climate and social justice activism, and hangs out with her dog.